Salesforce Integration

(1) Goto Settings click setup

Salesforce User Setup

(2) Click Apps App Manager and click new Connected App

Salesforce User Setup

(3) App Name “wizarrdApp” and give the permission. (any callback is ok.)

Salesforce User Setup

4. Manage policies: make sure all users may self-authorize

Salesforce User Setup

(4) Reset Security: token goto user (Top right corner with your picture)

settings > quick search: Reset My Security Token

You will get an email with your token

Salesforce Reset My Security Token

(5) Get the consumer key and the consumer secret

(5) Go to Wizarrd Market Place and click salesforce.

  • Full Url:
  • Consumer Key: from step 5
  • Consumer Secret is from step 5
  • The username is your Salesforce email
  • Password is your Salesforce password
  • The token is the one you created from step 4