Google Workspace

Note: Check the API Keys asset section of IT Glue for existing credentials before continuing with the following guide.


There are three steps that must be completed:

  1. Creating a project in Google APIs Console
  2. Enabling the Admin SDK API and creating a service account
  3. Generating a key file and enabling domain-wide delegation

Steps for creating a project in Google APIs Console:

  1. Navigate to – NOTE: Make sure to sign in as the client’s GSuite admin
  2. If prompted, agree to the terms and conditions, and click Agree and Continue
  3. At the very to left, just next to where it says “Google Cloud Platform”, click the Project menu → New Project
  4. Give the project a name (Wizarrd), select the appropriate organization (“No organization” is fine), and click Create

Steps for enabling the Admin SDK API and creating a service account:

  1. Click the hamburger menu at the top-left, then click APIs & Services → Dashboard
  2. Click the + Enable APIs and Services button at the very top of the screen
  3. In the search bar, search for Admin SDK API
  4. Select Admin SDK API and click Enable
  5. Navigate to the hamburger menu → IAM & Admin  Service Accounts
  6. Clickthe + Create Service Account button at the very top of the screen
  7. Name it wizarrd and click Create & Continue
  8. Give the service account the Owner role and click Continue, then click Done

Once the steps are completed, you should see a screen like so:

Steps for generating a key file and enabling domain-wide delegation:

  1. For the newly created service account, under the Actions column, click the three dots → Manage keys
  2. Click Add Key → Create new key
  3. For the key type, select JSON and click Create

Keep this .json file handy for configuring Wizarrd later on

  1. Navigate back to the service account by clicking Service Accounts on the left-hand side
  2. Copy the OAuth 2 Client ID
  3. In a new tab, navigate to Google Admin console:
  4. Navigate to the hamburger menu → Security → Access and data control  API controls
  5. Under the Domain wide delegation section, click Manage Domain Wide Delegation
  6. Click Add new
  7. Paste in the Client ID from step 5, and for OAuth scopes, use the following:,→ Click Authorize

Once all three steps above are completed, you can then move on to the API configuration: Google Workspace