Zoom Integration

Note: Check the API Keys asset section in IT Glue for any current JSON Web Tokens before proceeding to the first step of this guide.



  • You MUST have an account with the Admin role in Zoom to create a JWT app

Steps for generating a JSON Web Token in Zoom:

  1. Sign into Zoom’s App Marketplace using the Zoom admin account: https://marketplace.zoom.us
  2. Navigate to Develop -> Build App
  3. Under JWT, click the Create button (if one already exists, click View Here)
  4. Name the app Wizarrd-[CLIENT ACRONYM] (ie. Wizarrd-PL for Peach & Lily)and click Create
  5. Click Manage at the top-right
  6. Under the Created apps section, select the app you just created
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Company Name: Name of the company whose account you’re in
    • Name: Advisory Solutions
    • Email Address: Our admin email for company
  8. Click Continue
  9. On the App Credentials page, click View JWT Token, and next to Expire in select Other. Enter a time 20 years down the line (ie. 12:00 09/04/2040)
  10. Copy the JWT Token at the bottom of the page
  11. Click Continue -> Continue
    • If you followed the steps correctly, you should see a page like the following: 

Configuring Wizarrd to import the Zoom data:

Navigate to the appropriate client’s company under https://console.wizarrd.app/companies

Select the License Management tab and expand Meraki

  1. Enter the JSON Web Token (otherwise known as the JWT Token) that you retrieved from the steps above, check “Is Active Account.”, and click Update.


Once completed, make sure to copy the API information and put it in the API Keys section of the relevant client.